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Why is Internet Advertising so good?

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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Internet can work for your business. The more YES answers you have for the above questions, then the more it is that the Internet can do your business, and the higher the chance Webspecials can help you achieve your goals.

Why Webspecials?

Search engines are like telephone directory listings, but are not based on the alphabet alone. Webspecials has studied the Internet for several years and knows what works.  At your request, however, we can keep your information low-key and target a much smaller audience if that is what you require.

The Internet is a broad reaching medium that you can use to advertise for your products and/or services. The following points are the major benefits of the services that WASP provides.

This is what you get:

A listing in our on-line traders network (includes 300 words and one image)
Daily impressions in Google's Paid Advertisements Section for guaranteed immediate exposure


Additional Service

Webspecials Turbo Submit Search Engine Support Program (minimum budget $1200 per year)

A one page ad display prepared by our technicians using your message.  Your message should include your most important products, profile, announcements or any other message you wish to launch on the WWW.  

Daily paid advertisements in Google.  This guarantees that your web ad will begin showing in prominent locations in the advertisement section of Google.

Manual submission by one of our technicians to other important search engines which will also help increase the visibility of your site and make it available to millions of Australian and International homes and business. 



How come you can offer me a free website address and free hosting what's the catch? No catch.  Your advertisement and unique site resides in Webspecials' server.  The web address you get will look like this (   

What can the Internet do for my business products/services? / How can the Internet work for me/my business/services? Electronic Commerce has become an integral part of our society.  Consumers now expect businesses to have a presence on the Internet.  Those who do not miss out on sales and business contacts.

Additionally the Internet can generate new sales lead, opportunities and business contacts--not just in Australia but world wide.

One of our clients is now almost totally reliant on the Internet for all their sales and business contacts.

How will people find my page on the internet? People find listings on the Internet in many ways the most popular ones are...

What if there is a lot of information on our services or products? To be effective web sites should be concise and to the point.  Loading a site with too much information about a multitude of products cause the site to fail.  If you have a large range of products, place your best sellers on the site.  As you become convinced of the power of the internet but more sites.

How can I change or update my website? Updates can be purchased for $20 per update.  Your page will be updates within 5 working days.  If your update is extremely urgent a surcharge applies.
I already have a website what can you do for me? Many commercial web site designers produce "work of arts" which are wonderful to look at, but unfortunately fail to produce any sales. Traditionally these sites are never found in the search engines--which means no one is ever going to see them.

There are literally thousands of these "work of art" on the Internet at the moment.  In most cases, the "work of art" was very expensive to produce and the owners are reluctant to throw it away--this is understandable.  With web ads you can keep the work of art and still make sales and get a placement in the search engines.  We will produce a web ad that will provide a link to your original site. 

If you want Webspecials to improve your web site search engine placement please contact me.

I am not ready to have a website made, but I want to register my .com or domain name so that no one else may use it.  You can do this right now by visiting our Australian Domain Registration Service.  We can even arrange for your domain name to redirect to your domain name, so you will be able to use your domain name to point to your web advertisement.

A word of warning.  Webspecials has zero tolerance for spamming search engines and for illegal activities.  In order to keep the Internet great all sites that we produce must have interesting content and they must benefit the community.    We will not support hate sites or any sites dealing with illegal topics.

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