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Domain registration is important--hosting is vital.  Host your new site with a high quality reliable server that will not let you down.  Host your website with a provider that does not charge ridiculously high monthly rates and offers you nothing in return.

Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service offer an inexpensive domain hosting.  If you are looking for inexpensive domain registration and hosting, you will not find any better quality.

Webspecials domain registration and hosting service comes packed with ready to use features.  The kind of features that professional E-commerce websites must have.   Other hosting services will charge extra fees for these -- at Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service, they are part of the service.

Another advantage of dealing with Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service's inexpensive registration and hosting services is their customer support.  Sending a question to technical support is quick and easy.  Their technicians are friendly and smart.  

Are you paying A$25, $30,  $40, or even $200 per month for hosting and getting no features or service for your money?  

Do what I did, transfer your domain to Webspecials, get your domain registered and enjoy quality inexpensive domain hosting.

If you are serious about E-commerce and having a presence on the Internet you simply must get your own website and host it with a professional hosting service

Don't procrastinate once your favourite name is gone it is gone for good! Even if you are not ready for E-commerce yet you should be reserving your name now.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I have to carry an ugly advertising banner on my site? No! Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service does not place any banners or any advertising whatsoever on your site.   You are fully in charge of your website.  We manage your domain name registration service and our partners partners offer you the hosting.

Is that all I have to pay? No. Every two years you will need to renew your domain registration.  If you do not renew your name you risk losing the rights to your domain name.   Of course you will also need to pay your inexpensive domain name hosting fees each month or yearly.

Who owns the name? You do. For as long as you pay your domain name registration fees every two years, the domain name remains yours to manage.  Remember, however, that domain names cannot be "owned" they are granted at the discretion of AUDA.

What name can I register? In Australia (www.yourname.com.au).  The process of registering a .com.au name is a lot easier now due to much needed deregulation of the system.  You can also register .com .net.  You can also register international domain names.

I strongly suggest you register a .com.au and .com name whenever you can.  .com names can be just about anything you like (www.eatpizza.com). Of course many of the good names are already gone in the .com domain--but there are still millions of excellent names that you can register in the .com.au.  However, we are starting to notice a sharp increase in interest in domain name registrations--be quick to register the domain you want, you will regret it if you do not.

A word of warning. Do not register a domain name that is protected by a trademark hoping to sell it back to the owner of the trademark. This is called "domain squatting." You can absolutely rest assured that you will lose the name and incur legal costs if the rightful owner of the trademark name takes legal action.

How do I know if a name is taken? Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service provides a feature that allows you to check the name availability. 

Is there anything else I need to know about searching for names? Traditional standard searching does not reveal if the name is covered by a trademark. If you register a trademarked name you will eventually lose the name and also risk being the subject of legal action. By all means, check the name for availability but do not rely on your findings.

I already have a website and I am paying lots of money for no service or features can I transfer the hosting to Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service?  Absolutely!  Webspecials Australian domain name registration and hosting service will tell you how you can transfer the hosting.

Does Webspecials Australian domain registration and hosting service include web page design and search engine lodging? No! 

Can you design my web page? No we do not design web pages.  We do however specialise in web ads.  These are very cost effective ways to advertise your products and services on the internet and also, at the same time, promote your domain name! 

Will I get URL forwarding and E-mail forwarding with the domain name registration? Yes, your domain will be parked with us and you can opt for free URL forwarding (this means that your domain name can be made to redirect to another existing site) and free E-mail forwarding.

I noticed that some domain name registration sites charge less than $30 per year You cannot register an Australian domain name for one year--the minimum is two years--that tactic is a cute way to lure you into thinking their prices are cheaper than anyone else--not true. All Australian domain names are registered in two year blocks.

Can you help me optimise my website and submit it to the Search Engines that count? Yes, we are experts in this field.  We know how to optimise your website so that it will show up on the first 10 pages of the most popular Search Engine.  We can also provide you with a rapid service that will get your website listed in 2 hours!!!

I want to start an Internet Business but I do not know where to start. Well ... you need to have a  catchy domain name and a fast, reliable server.  Most importantly you must have a good product that can be sold online.   In future we are going to develop mini Internet Marketing courses for our customers.

Ok I am ready to register. What I do next?

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